Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Goals

You know, 2010 was a pretty great year for us. I'm sad to see it go, in a way. I really don't have anything to complain about except maybe medical bills and the cost of diapers...but not even that could damper a year that we welcomed our sweet second son, my work provided some awesome new challenges and responsibilities, our extended family stayed safe and healthy, I lost weight, our children were blessed, we're employed.

Next year I have a few goals. Simple, specific and beneficial.

1) more one-on-one time with owen at bedtime, specifically spent reading. Colt is not so into books and I'd like for at least one of my kids to love books like I do. I feel like owen is my best shot at this stage!

2) make it a nightly habit to brush colt's teeth. Right now it's just if we remember.

3) meal plan and cook more meals at home. In the last few months we have eaten dinner at home more. Really for no other reason than the kids are prone to epic meltdowns near their bedtime. And I noticed something...they eat SO much better when we're all there, at our table, eating off our plates. They get excited, even over Hamburger Helper. So goodbye to the regular expense and "convenience" of take out. I'm not committing to healthier meals or a large variety or even a certain number of days each week. Just simply more meals at home, together.

4) watch my portions and make better food choices. Say no. I'd love to be down another 15 pounds by the time I'm 30 in April. But I'm not going to stress about it. Out of financial necessity I'm dropping my membership to weight watchers in January but I haven't been following it to a T for a while and I haven't gained any! So further better choices should help knock the pounds off! Plus owen pretty much only eats fruits and veggies, in mass quantities, so that should help my snacking options!

5) be a better wife. I'm quick to anger, quick to become irritated, and I operate in a "what's fair" mindset. All have taken a toll and I don't like the kind of nagging personality it makes me. So I want to work on being fun and supportive and helpful as a wife, not just as a mom.

There are other things: be a better friend, watch my attitude, spend more time with family, potty train Colt. But I'll worry about those as I go. For now, my top 5 goals for 2011 are above.

Happy New Year!

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Tracey... said...

We have a lot of the same goals...good luck with yours too!