Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The first moment in my arms

Indulge me...only 2 hours left of his first birthday, I'm doing a lot of reminiscing. This isn't the first moment I saw him, though. We'd snuck a peek at him in the nursery, a moment I'll remember every detail of for as long as I live. A few minutes later we went into N's room, and she formally introduced us to our son. She handed him to me...and here is that moment forever captured in time.

I am so, so blessed.


Leah said...

AHHHHHH. How special. You look completely in love in this picture. :-D

momof2monsters said...

more blessings to come. you will be blessed the rest of your life with the kiddos. everything they do is a blessing. even when you dont think it is.

Julia said...

Yesterday, I was thinking about the first time I held him in my arms cause it was one year ago yesterday. :-) Can't imagine life without him now.

Love you both!