Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve - so let's talk about Colt's birthday!

I'm watching winter weather storm updates at 5 am here on Christmas Eve. We're supposed to get snow, but first ice and I'm all kinds of irritated. Snow is one thing...but I want to be able to drive in it and ice puts a damper on that!

Here is that long-awaited birthday update. I don't have to explain the can probably decipher them yourselves! But I will say the picture of John and Faith (our cat) asleep is after the BIG Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party with close friends and family...we were EXHAUSTED.

Also, John made the cake. Yes, MADE.THE.CAKE. Decorated it and all...he's very talented! The top 4 pics are from his actual birthday day at school, where he had a cupcake party with his little friends.

Also, he hated the spreading cake all over himself. He started out getting made because we stripped him. Then the paparazzi came and started taking a million flashing photos, then the thick icing was caked in his fingers and he lost it. It also could have been the severe upper respiratory infection and croup he came down with mere hours later...but at least during MOST of the party he had a complete and total blast.

What a great day!


LL said...

Oklahoma ice storms! I remember those. Not fun.

It looks like a great bday party! Huge high five to John for that cake!

BB said...

Ok, so first off, Colt is about as handsome as they come. Second, the fourth pic of him and all his little friends at the table is simply PRICELESS! I LOVE it!

Melba said...

Happy belated birthday to your baby boy! He is getting so big, and quite the handsome little man! :)