Thursday, October 08, 2009

One boy, one special boy

I wanted to talk a little about Colt. I'm not great at the month-by-month update, but there are certain things about right now I want to remember! Rambling...

-He got his first tooth on September 21st, bottom right front. His second tooth arrived yesterday, October 7th in the middle of two awful ear infections and after a loooooong night of crying by all three Anderson's!
- He claps when we say "Yaaaaay!". In the morning I get him out of bed, we sit in the chair for a minute, and we wait for our cat Faith to come in the room (she always does). When she does, we say "There's the kitty, yaaaaay!". He lights up and starts clapping. It is THE. CUTEST. THING. EVER. No, seriously, the cutest thing ever.
- His hair grows faster than I can imagine. He got his third haircut at the tail end of August and he desperately needs his fourth. It is so thick and on top it starts to look like a toupee if it gets too long! But I love it, it's soft and makes him look so handsome.
- He HATES getting dressed. I mean, hates it. Hates getting undressed, hates getting new clothes on. It's not that he hates having clothes on and prefers to be's just he hates the physical act of clothes coming on and off. Every morning it's a fight to get ready for school and it wears me out. A couple of weeks ago, it was a particularly hard fight and I was sweating and out of breath from wrangling him. But the pants I put on him were too small and he looked ridiculous. They were too short and a little too tight...but I just took him to school anyway! I told him he was just going to look silly and that was the consequences. I told the teachers not to make fun of him, but I think they did and they ended up putting him in some of their shorts for the day because they felt so sorry for him! But I didn't...
- He is babbling all the time now. No real words, but he talks away like he knows just what he's saying. I have the best conversations with him.
- Sometimes when he gets up really early, I put him in our bathtub while I take a shower and get ready for the day. Kind of like a built-in playpen. However, now that he's starting to pull up I can no longer do that. Forget the potential head injuries on the marble tub edge...he can reach the faucets and the last thing I need is him to turn scalding hot water on himself while I'm washing shampoo out of my hair!
- He is starting to pull up, though he can't quite get his legs in the right position underneath him to go all the way. His upper body strength is phenomenal.
- He doesn't crawl. And I'm ok with that and I'm not going to work on it. He has very clear ways to get where he needs to go: 1) rolling all over the room, 2) bouncing on his bottom across the room, and 3) reaching with Inspector Gadget hands.
- He likes to try and eat our cheeks.
- He loves trees and streetlights. He'll crain his neck and reach with his Inspector Gadget arms anytime we see them. Christmas lights will be so much fun for him!
- He's really digging Mickey Mouse Playhouse in the mornings.
- He dances and claps to all church songs, especially Jesus Loves Me. Which is just all kinds of humorous.
- When he comes home from school each day, it takes less than 30 seconds for him to get his sleepy blanket, rub his eyes and go to sleep.
- He has 2 favorite sleepy blankets, hand-crocheted that he runs his fingers through and rubs on his face.

So much more...but this is all I have time for now. Thanks for indulging me!


KLTTX said...

We need some pictures. He sounds adorable. Samuel also has really thick hair. He is overdue for his 4th haircut too.

hope548 said...

So sweet! This age is so much fun!

LL said...

such a great update!

I struggle every morning with getting Shelby dressed. But just dressed. I think she doesn't mind getting undressed because it is usually followed by a bath. : )

Anonymous said...

AWE! :) He sounds so sweet. Wyatt does that same thing with his crochetted blanket that I made him. :) It makes the neck aches I got, 9 months pregnant, totally worth it! :)

Michele said...

love it! makes me excited to have kids one day.

Anonymous said...

Poor Faith, she is in for some ear pulling! Sounds like he is a lot of fun right now :)