Thursday, June 25, 2009

I had a dream...

There are several reasons why we don't make it to church on Wednesday nights, usually having to do with being tired, working late, or traveling for work. But I do aspire to someday attend church on Wednesday nights regularly. And I think God is beginning to speak to me about it.

This past Tuesday night, I had a dream. In my dream, John and I had a conversation about how he was going to play golf on Wednesday night with Randy, one of the preachers at our church.

Me: "John, you can't play golf with Randy, he's a preacher and he has to work on Wednesday nights. Going to church is part of his job."

John: "No, he talked to Kerianne (Randy's wife) and she told him it was ok to skip it for one night. We're meeting at Fairfax at 6:30."

Me: "I'm pretty sure Kerianne doesn't make the decisions on whether he takes a Wednesday night off, I'm pretty sure GOD makes that decision and I'm pretty sure he's not letting him off to go play golf with YOU."

Translation: Anderson's need to buck up and get to church on Wednesday nights. The end, Amen.


Audrey said...

Amen! It will do wonders for your soul....It's such a great recharge to get you through the week. Try it for a month and see how it is. We've got a super fantastic women's only study happening that you are welcome to come to.

Cary said...

Just think of it as the continuation of TNT into your adult life.