Sunday, June 07, 2009


I just had to post this so I can remember this experience and treasure it for a long time.

When we first brought Colt home, we knew that what would work for our family as far as sleeping was taking shifts. In order to keep me sane, I have to take the middle-of-the-night shift, and John took the late-night shift. There have been two nights only that I have taken that late-night shift, and it was when John was traveling. That's how serious it is.

What that means is that I never, ever put Colt to sleep. And what has worked up until now is that we swaddle and swing him around 9:00-ish, and John does one more late-night feeding around 11.

Colt has almost outgrown the swing. Weight limit is around 25 pounds, Colt is just shy of 25 pounds at this point. So we agreed we would start removing the swinging equation of his bedtime routine in order to get him used to that. Plus we are going to be forced to stop swaddling soon (again - his size) and we didn't want to take both away at the same time.

We laid him in his crib and he was just not having it. So I went in, turned on his nightlight and took him out to rock him. I tried to read "Goodnight Moon" but he was struggling so hard. So I began to sing. And almost immediately he was still.

I sang "Jesus Loves Me" about 5 times before moving on to "You Are My Sunshine", "Blue Skies and Rainbows", "Jesus Loves the Little Children", and "Twinkle, Twinkle". It was absolutely amazing to look at him, see him calmed by my voice, and watch him drift to sleep while I sang in my best warbling lullaby voice.

It's really a dream come true, and I wish I'd started this earlier. I cannot say enough that watching him calm like that to MY voice was magical. He's usually so busy that he doesn't cuddle a lot, and how precious those times are to me.

So at least someone enjoys my voice! And it's nights like this that my "oh my gosh I'm a mom" meter registers off the charts.

I think I'll make this a habit.


RB said...

How sweet!

Infertility is Hard said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, precious. I knew all the songs you were talking about and love them all. :-D

Melba said...

I sing to Charlie all the time, and it's definitely one of his favorite things! I love what you said about your "oh my gosh I'm a mom-o-meter" going off the charts...that captures those moments beautifully!

So very sweet!

Sammy said...

Reuben loves it when I sing to him! He stops to listen- probably the only person in the world who stops to listne with ENJOYMENT to my singing- heehee!
I just love thos Mommy moments when you realise afresh "I am a mother!"

Gina - Peke Moe said...

awwwwwwwwwwww so lovely, my little one loves those songs too!!! makes such a difference. He's over 2 now and sings them with me!! just lovely.
here's another alternative when swaddle weaning - Peke Moe
all the best!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I loved reading your blog today. It has been so much fun making new friends through the blog world. This is my fourth month to have a blog. I am amazed at all the unique and fun sites. I am posting about our recent Disney trip and have a couple more posts about our visit with the "Mouse" ....then I will have more than a few posts about a new "grandson" arriving in just a couple of weeks...

LL said...

Very sweet!

I do not have a singing voice at all but i sing all the time...some of the same songs you mentioned. I want her to have a love of books but right now everytime I try to read to her she squirms and wiggles. but if I sing, she settles down and gazes up at me in such a sweet sweet way.