Monday, June 01, 2009

Canton Girls Trip 2009

This past weekend I went on a long-anticipated girl's road trip to Canton, TX for SHOPPING! We attended Canton's famous First Monday Trade Days and hit a few outlet malls. It was all girls, no kids weekend and I had such a blast!

I'd actually been planning this trip for a LONG time. A certain friend had been wanting to make the voyage for a while (I made my first trip in May of 2007) and we had been talking about it for almost a year. In fact, when I found out we had been matched with Colt, she was very excited for me an waited an appropriate amount of time before she asked if I would still be able to make the trip even though I'd have a baby at home. It was important.

Of course I was so we loaded up 11 of our closest girlfriends and headed down there. I made a few observations while in Canton:
--I am so glad I don't have a baby girl because the variety of bows and ruffled pink clothing proved to be too much for any mother to stand and most of the money was spent on their daughters instead of themselves!
--But still, despite not having a daughter, I still spent most of my money on things for Colt. In fact, only $30 the whole weekend was spent on items for is different now!
--I should have been saving for a very long time because I'm still thinking about the fabulous bag I didn't get as my money ran low.
--$30 for a fabulous red table is a great deal, but my muscles would disagree at this point because carrying such table across the vast trade days campus is not a great deal.
--Leaving my computer behind was still not the unplugging I'd hoped for. Had to jump on a last-minute conference call in the car on Friday afternoon. Luckily those girls know just how to quiet down. Turtle cookie bars may have helped.
--Don't go to the bathroom in Canton by yourself, or you may end up wandering the maze of booths by yourself! Poor Melanie...
--On that note, cell phones don't work very well in Canton.
--Don't share a bed with me because I steal the covers. I guess John could have told you that, but now a certain friend can commiserate.
--The CHI brings friends together.
--All good girl's trips should start with 4 dozen Eileen's Colossal Cookies.
--Despite leaving your husband with ziplock bags of your children's clothes for the weekend, labeled and ready, sometimes your kids will just wear what they want to wear when you're not around.

I had a great, much needed relaxing time and retail therapy. Thanks, Miss Emily, for dreaming this up! And Happy Birthday!


Mountain Girl said...

I lived in Texas for over 20 years and went to Canton ONE time. That was enough to last me for a life time! HA! It sounds like ya'll had fun though.

Kate said...

Sounds like a fabulous time!

Infertility is Hard said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Nothing beats a girl's trip with great friends. :-D

Emily said...

When are we going back?

Melanie said...

Someone needs to draw a map of that place. I mean I am not usually THAT bad with directions. That place was so confusing. I mean there was no real rhyme or reason to most of the buildings. Thanks for making the rest of the day a lot of fun!

RB said...

Sounds like a great time! :)