Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Creative Weekend

Well, I was crafty for TWO whole days! Despite my true belief that I am not creative or crafty or handy, I was all three on both Friday night and Saturday! It's quite a feat, actually, and I'm happy to share! Friday night I went to a "flip-flop" gathering with some girlfriends. I had two cheap pairs of flip flops that I worked quite a long time to spruce up and add character. To one, I put red ribbon and bright red giant flowers on them! On the other pair, I added sparkly silver sequins. I was so proud, and many of the girls copied the flower idea and I was so excited to wear them the next day. I'll post pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The flower, ribbon and sequins promptly fell off both pairs before I could even wear them to work.

With a little more reliability, I went to a beadery on Saturday and made a necklace and a bracelet with sparkly beads. Although the jewelry turned out quite nice, I am well aware that I don't have the patience to do that. It was overwhelming--thousands of tiny little beads to choose from and no creative inspiration. It was literally painful to pick out each little bead and then arrange a pattern then string it and so on....

Creative? For a while. Will I do it again soon? Let's see...I don't tend to follow through on these things! My college scrapbook is still not done, not to mention I have boxes of vacation photos from to years of marriage not even seeing the light of day. I doubt I'll take up beading!

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