Monday, April 25, 2005

Feeling Lost...

Oh my gosh.

My computer crashed this morning. My work computer. I know for some it doesn't seem like a big deal, but everything is on that computer. I mean, I know I've backed most documents up on a server, and my palm has all my contact info and calendar in it...but my E-MAILS!!!! I am literally lost without my Outlook. I sat at work for many hours today staring at a wall and bugging my coworkers because I had nothing to do without e-mail. I feel completely helpless, and it makes me realize I am much too dependent on my computer! I am truly an example of the new generation when I cannot work without my Outlook calendar, task list and inbox.

Therefore, it may be a while before I can post pictures. Or I might try to do it from home...we'll see.

Anyway, the weekend was an easy weekend. John did manual labor on Saturday, helping Matt and Robin put up a new fence. We're hoping that Matt returns the favor in a few months when it's our turn for a fence! I spent the day was nice not to have anything planned.

Sunday I went to the Arts Festival with friends Melissa and Cameron and my sister. What a fun day--I have a sunburn as proof of the great weather!

House is looking good...insulation is in! New things are happening every day. Please pray that things continue to go well as we get closer to "signing our life away"!

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