Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bed Bath and Beyond John's comprehension

Ok, so John and I have been having some serious arguments lately. And I'm sure the many women who read this can relate (I know he has a lot of gal pals at work who agree with me!). I'm trying to be patient.

John and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond a few weeks ago. There, I presented many shower curtains that I liked for the new house. He then told me which ones he liked, and we agreed. Then, I found out that the shower curtain had matching towels, soap dishes, rugs, etc. I was so excited--we could get it all taken care of rather than trying to color match everything at various stores. So I told John all about it. And he didn't quite seem to understand why we would need new towels, since we have about 10 towels already.

I patiently (of course) explained to him that our current towels do not match the shower curtain we'd picked out together (that had already been bought). Well, he just told me that he was putting his foot down--we were NOT getting new towels when we already had perfectly good towels to use. I again, patiently, told him that the towels I would purchase were not for use--they were for decoration (duh!). He told me no--he was putting his foot down, we were not getting new towels for decoration.

So, I promptly stepped over his foot, and bought new towels. Along with washcloths, hand towels, soap dish--the works! Well, he really did not like anything that I bought. So I drug him to BB&B and made him spend 2 hours picking out shower curtains and color-matching accessories that he did like. But by the time I got home, I realized I really didn't like what we'd picked out. Heehee...it was so much fun!

So, I returned everything AGAIN and bought the bathroom stuff at Target (that John and seen the entire set for and liked). The best part--I was able to get enough stuff for BOTH new bathrooms and it cost WAY less than BB&B for one bathroom!

Also--they're framing our house!!! We are about to have a structure!!

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