Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'll get there

John got an iPad. He saves money for nice things, I tend to spend mine on trivial things like clothes, party supplies, IKEA shopping trips and the like. But he's graciously letting me use it now and then! We had an awesome weekend. It was Owen's 2nd birthday party. Yes, my sweet blondie turns TWO on Wednesday! It was a train theme and he loved it. I was pretty proud of myself for this one. I made all the food, and since the party was at 10am, it was brunch. And it was delicious. That might be the most boring update ever, but trust me it was a great weekend. I'm so proud of my boys. In other news, I'm doing pretty well at attempting to conquer a lot of the goals I set. I'm getting there. I actually put things on my kitchen cabinet tops. Not a complete project but again, I'm getting there. I have not resumed the gym like I'd hoped but I'm trying not to be too hard on myself about it. I'll get there, and if not then I have a sad $40 bill for the next 10 months! I've been cooking more, meal planning, trying new things. Going out with friends, completing projects. 2012 is a great year so far! I'll get more interesting soon. Also plan to update the blog background (several people have noticed and complained about the links I's not permanent, just temporary as I think about how to update this space). Maybe the iPad will prompt me to write more. Maybe not. I'm not going to get too down on myself. But I do read blogs daily, and love the space. I'll get there. Seems to be my theme this year...some friends chose "choose joy" as their theme. I seem to be living "I'll get there". Good night!

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andrea said...

you will get there - and i can't wait to read about it!

also, cracking up a little because i am such an impulse shopper, i am with you on that one!