Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Owen turns TWO!

Dearest Owen,
A few weeks ago, it rained very hard during the day. By the time we got home, the sun was out and was unseasonably warm for January. So we grabbed our rainboots and headed outside to splash in puddles. At first you were glad to tag along with Colt, explore by holding his hand and mimicking his jumps. But it didn't take long before you were wandering down the sidewalk, following a leaf that was traveling in the stream of water trickling down the street.

I followed behind you, watching as you bent down and loosened the leaf when it got stuck. You ran along, completely focused on the leaf. Passing by the cat, the flowers, and the tricycle Colt was riding. Focused on getting that leaf to wherever it was going to go. Finally, it went as far as it could go and you stopped, looked at me, squinting in the sunlight and said "yay!!". Then turned and immediately began begging for the tricycle.

That day was so OWEN. It was so you. Focused, independent, helpful...and stubborn, silly and determined. You are a great sharer...after long and careful thought of the pros versus cons of sharing.

You are focused in so many ways: in your favorites, your abilities, your activities. Whatever you're doing, you focus on it until it's complete. Colt still won't sit still to read an entire book, but you have your favorites memorized. You bring me any one of Eric Carle books and you turn around to back up into my lap. We go over each picture and you make the sounds. In new books you pick out any balls, cars, or stars you can find.

You are a rough-and-tumble boy, new bruises and battle scars every day. You love to get dirty. You love to carry around cars and trucks, and any kind of balls. You play kickball, basketball, golf. You LOVE watching the Thunder play. And love pointing out football games to daddy - you know it's his favorite.

You have EPIC meltdowns thanks to your stubbornness. You believe you don't have to hold hands in the parking lot and when forced you just sit down. You want to climb into your carseat, even if it's pouring down rain. Any hint of being denied a second sucker and your mouth opens as wide and as loud as a lion's howl, your cheeks turn bright red, and crocodile tears spring from your eyes. Epic, I tell you.

As much as you can be stubborn and headstrong, you are also the most affectionate child I've ever known. You love to hug and kiss. Your face lights up when you see us pick you up from school and you race across the room with your arms open wide. You scream mama and dada over and over when you want us to see your next great adventure. You're shy.

You are not a follower, more a learner of your big brother. You love to rock to sleep, love the kitty cat, and stuff your round cheeks with blueberries and grapes and bananas every chance you get. I'm not sure you exist on much more than fruit!

You are CHALLENGING and WONDERFUL and I adore your every move. I love watching you grow, hearing your new words, and accomplishing your fearless feats.

I'll say it every year - you're the best surprise I've ever received. I don't know what I'd do without you.

I love you, sweet baby. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be. Happy Birthday!


Jen Del Pozzo said...

The wonderful world of independent boys. I salute you. What a beautiful tribute. And Happy Birthday, sweet Owen.

alison said...

Happy birthday sweet boy, you are so loved.

I needed to read this post today. I lay awake last night a bit worried about who Jude is becoming - for my own sake. I worry that he's too brazen and fearless and wild for me to effectively parent him because he's so night and day different from his big brother. I worry that I'll try too hard to restrict his wonderment. I had to remind myself that he's made perfectly, and that I'm his momma and he'll always be my baby. I don't know what kind of kiddo he's going to grow into, but I know he's going to stretch me in ways I can't even imagine yet.

So grateful I get to share this two boy journey with you. xo