Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Operation Organization (a.k.a. something else I can start and quickly abandon)

So, what better way to get organized AND be a better blogger than to commit my March to Operation Organization?!

Linking up from one of my friends, Katherine, here is the plan:

Each week during March, we'll focus on one zone of your house. We'll get that part of the house completely clean and organized and then we'll move on to the next zone. Feel free to take before and after photos and post your progress. Also, if you want to share your organization tips and tricks, that would be super helpful for those of us that are...organizationally-challenged.

With that, here's the blog post schedule.

March 4:


-Dining Room


-Hall Closet

March 11:

-Living Room


-Storage/Laundry Room

March 18:

-Master Bedroom

-Guest Bedrooms

-Master Closet

-Guest Closets

March 25:

-Guest Bath

-Half Bath(s)

-Master Bath

-Linen Closet

April 1:

-Front of House


-Anything else you didn't have time to finish up in the previous weeks.

Katherine and several others took video of their houses BEFORE starting. I have also done that. I am embarrassed to admit that after a million years of blogging, I have never uploaded a video to my blog. SO, I will upload once I determine the best way to do that.

My Master bedroom and bathroom are the worst. The playroom is messy, but that's expected. Most of the rooms in my house are not terrible...but it's because I spend my energy there that our bed/bath is just lost and forgotten.

So, please join! Commit your March to getting your house in shape. SOOOO much easier than committing March to getting your BODY in shape, and the results are visible much faster!

You can link up and see others who have joined here. Thanks, Katherine!


Chrissie said...

This is a great idea! And you are so right, much easier to get your house in shape than your body...I am just coming out of first trimester pregnancy yuckiness so my house is needing some attention! Role on March!

alison said...

Yeah yeah! If it helps, I just uploaded my video to youtube first, and then it's easy to embed in your blog post. :)

andrea said...

I'm taking my video tonight - little late, but better than never!'

seussgirl said...

I had a terrible time figuring out the video thing on my own. :) I eventually got the YouTube thing to work, but it took forever to upload, and then I set the privacy thing to the wrong setting (You want "unlisted" if you go that way).
Good Luck! I can't wait to see everyone's progress!