Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh how fast they grow

Colt weighed in at 20 pounds today at the doctor.

Which prompted me to look back and see how "small" he was when he was born, a measly 9 pounds, 7 ounces. The first picture is when he was 5 days old. The second, 4 months (taken last week).

I love every back-breaking moment with him!


Mountain Girl said...

You have a strapping young man on your hands! He is a hunka hunka burning love! :-)

Lori said...

I love his legs!! My boys never had legs like that:(

Charly said...

He's gotten so big. Love the way he naps with daddy.

Nate and Nicki Robnett said...

awwww....sweet pics :)

just read your plane story...Yikes!
if it makes you feel any better(ha ha) to round off our disney world vacation last year, our flight home was STRUCK BY LIGHTENING! yes thats what I said. there was a very loud BOOM and a huge fire ball out my window. then we noticed the ceiling light right next to us had been blown and the oxigen mask compartment of the row in front of us was all charred! all followed by turbulence to help out with my nerves. o how I thought it could be the end. God took care of us tho!

C to the OURTNEY said...

Oh my goodness he weighs 20 pounds at 4 months?? Such a big boy - I could just eat him up!!!!!