Monday, April 27, 2009

Hey!! Anybody there?? in all honesty I haven't been blogging at either blog in over a week, which is just unheard of for me.

But I've made a decision to start transitioning most of my thoughts over to this blog. So hopefully there will be many more posts to come. Here's to Hope will remain active for people googling or familiar with my story to check in. But I simply can't keep up with blogging, Facebook, Twitter, work, husband, family, friends, baby and OH YEAH!! DVR!!

This blog is about my life, so that means many of my posts will be about being a mom and about the cuteness that is my kid. Since I won't be posting very much at the other one, there will probably be posts about adoption, infertility, and other general everyday TMI.

I hope to, at some point, return to my always entertaining, very exciting posts about Hollywood breakups, people watching, traveling horror stories, and tidbits about things like NOT catching swine flu by eating sausage. (most of you know what I do and who my client is, so you can only imagine the kinds of calls/e-mails we're getting!)

We'll see how long this plan lasts. I am a tad delirious thanks to travel and meetings without so much as a moment to do anything other than Facebook all day. Awesome job, and one of the only benefits to the STUPID iPhone that I HATE. posts brewing already...

Stay tuned!

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