Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The making of a perfect photograph

For every awesome photo we post, there are a million others trying to capture both the smile AND the adorable clothing with hilarious sayings. An example of this process is below. Actually, I thought they were all cute so I wanted to post them all. #2 is about to make me rush to daycare and eat him up...for real y'all, I'm starving.

Here's what I imagine Colt is thinking as we snap 200 photos of him in the same position and same outfit each day:

"Yo, what's up? Good lord, not that stupid camera again. Geez, people, I'm not going to give you a show...I'm a dude, not Lindsey Lohan. Stop asking me to smile...I don't smile on demand. Oh, wait HA, the big guy tripped. Hilarious. Anyway, if I'm not giving autographs, why on earth would I give you a smile? I just want my privacy. As soon as I'm able to crawl, I won't even have to pose for these stupid photos. Me and Joaquin Phoenix will be livin' life large in a shack in Baja. We'll grow beards together and write rap songs and wax poetic about how we hate the entertainment industry. The paparazzi is so overrated. you have your shot yet? Can we get this show on the road? I've got bubbles to watch in 30. Peace."


KLTTX said...


Tracey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm glad your experience was so great!

Elizabeth said...

Glad to know that Colt has officially taken after his dad with his gangsta language.

Yeah, maybe he can join Joaquin in avoiding the entertainment industry right after he hits up the David Letterman Show.

You don't even know how many pics I take to get one decent one. Too funny, Jess.

Charly said...

I'm here laughing at your post even though my eyes are burning from lack of sleep. That is hilarious. He is a handsome little thing.

Joe said...

Man, what a cute kid! Thanks for the super pics!