Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wrong side of the bed

Good Lord, I am, like, the most boring person on the planet.

Today in particular is a day I'd rather just close out and start over. Nothing all that bad, just little things that irritate me. Maybe I just need to sniff a dose of Colt crack and everything will feel better.

I traveled this week for work, and I'm glad that first trip is out of the way. Proof positive that I can function in the outside world! I actually think I make a pretty good mom...well, maybe that Colt makes a pretty good son which in turn makes me appear to be a pretty good mom. The kind of mom that can make drug references with her son's name attached is awesome and apparently very mature. Anyway, to travel for work helped me realize that I can still be good in my other life.

However, things are a-changing. I am super stressed, but very inspired at the direction in which I want to take my career, my position, the people I manage, and literally the entire PR department at my work. I don't know if it will work out like I have it pictured in my head (I'm having a difficult time even finding the words to express it in a relatable form, even to my boss) but the fact that I see new opportunity and new direction lift me up.

It's going to mean a lot of work outside my comfort zone, though. And that is stressing me out.

This morning I had a terrible time waking up. Felt like I was in and out of a coma. I know I got up to feed Colt at 2:30 (which is random because he hasn't been waking up at night lately) but I have no recollection of actually feeding him! Soooooo tired.

So, of course I woke up late, John had to help me get him ready so I could get myself ready, and I was STILL 30 minutes late to work.

And, oh yeah, my car is falling apart. Some plastic piece on the bottom has come loose and is scraping the ground as I drive, which I'm pretty sure is not a good sign. Luckily I have a man who is in the insurance industry and has a lot of contacts with body shops, so we'll get it fixed today for relatively cheap.

Which brings me to a whole other topic: money. Our lack of it. I know it would appear that the owners of 2 new iPhones have tons of money, but John had been saving his blow money for a treat (golf trip, golf clubs, etc.) and decided he'd rather spend it on something for both of us. is crazy tight. Medical bills for Colt's first few weeks are piling up, homeowner's association dues are due, legal fees for the adoption coming out of nowhere, blah blah blah. Sob story that I know most people don't care about because HEY - WE HAVE JOBS and a HOUSE. But still, I continue to stress, just as everyone else does. We at least have a light at the end of the tunnel (taxes for the next few years are going to be very good to us). I know it could be a lot worse. just made me wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Plus it's supposed to be 90 degrees today and it's March 5th and that's just wrong. If it's 90 in March, good Lord what will July look like? I HATE hot weather.

In the good news column, I'm going with girlfriends on April 5th to see Boyz II Men in concert at one of the many local Indian casinos. My life is, in a word, awesome.

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Elizabeth said...

Did you get us tickets? Let me know so I can get you some money. Then we can go to lunch and spend it.