Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's going to be a long tornado season

A few weeks ago we had our first major storm of the season. Well, actually tornado season hasn't officially started, but the tornadoes weren't listening.

Edmond was hit pretty hard, and the destructive tornado first touched down a mere 3 miles from our house. Colt and I spent the afternoon cooped up in the closet. Colt was in his car seat, Faith was in her carrier, Mom was freaking out and twittering between Gary England warnings.

Colt was SO good and quiet. Eventually he fell asleep, around the time baby Anna and her parents showed up because there was still a threat and there was no power at their house. Anna and Colt stayed safely asleep in the closet while the rest of us stood outside and watched the fourth storm begin circulating over our house. It's Oklahoma, y'all!

Also, major hail. Nope, those aren't golf balls in our was hail stones the size of golf balls!

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Nathan said...

What the hail!

Hey, at least we didn't have to pay the deductible for a new roof.