Friday, March 13, 2009

Colt's not the only one that goes to the ER!

So Tuesday night I started feeling very achy. It just hit out of nowhere, and my muscles ached and my skin was sensitive to anything touching it. I went to be hoping to sleep it off.

I was wrong.

But Wednesday morning I knew I was in bad shape. I had a fever and felt very weak and still achy. Assuming it was the flu, I sent John to take care of Colt in the morning and immediately called my doctor to get in. This is the same family doctor I've been seeing for over 20 years. He's also in practice with 4 other docs. The receptionist curtly told me they were booked for the rest of the week and I'd need to see another doctor. Then she hung up on me. Without even giving me a referral to somebody else!

Total sidenote: this is the way it's been for the past couple of years and I'm thinking it's time to find a new family doctor. My doc is close to retirement anyway.

So I decided to self-diagnose myself with the flu. I called Dr. Laura (my resident physician and one of my best friends) and she said the flu in OK is resistant to much of the medicines on the market. She said drink plenty of fluids and rest.

Well, see, the thing is, I didn't have much of an appetite and too tired to drink anything. So I didn't. Then, naturally, the headache started. And then, naturally, the vomiting started.

By Wednesday at lunch I was still in tremendous pain and throwing up even one sip of water. Definitely not keeping any meds down. My mom ended up taking me to the ER where they administered 2 bags of IV fluids and gave me different combinations to help with nausea. Nothing for the headache pain.

As if it couldn't get any worse, I had an allergic reaction to one of the meds they were giving me. I started freaking out. Screaming and kicking my legs and my arms were flailing. My head hurt SO BAD. I just cried and cried and I'm sure my mom was about to lose it. At that point, I couldn't do anything but yell.

Finally, they brought another medicine in the IV to counteract my reaction, and after much screaming and begging they brought in morphine and an anti-anxiety medicine. I dozed for a while and finally finished the IV. They sent me home and I still had a migraine, but the pressure had lightened up. I slept from 5pm until about 8am this morning.

John has been sleeping on the couch for two nights. And last night my mom and Bill took care of Colt for us...his first overnight and I didn't even know it was happening! He may stay there again tonight because John is exhausted (not much sleep on the couch) and I'm still very weak and not moving very quickly.

All I can do now is pray that John and Colt don't catch it. Really, really, really terrible two days.


Aubrey said...

Oh Jessica, that sounds horrible!! I'm so sorry!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!! Let us know if you need something!!

aimee said...

bless your heart jessica! I'll be praying for you! Let us know if we can be of any help :)

KLTTX said...

Wow, that sounds horrible. I'll definitely pray that Colt and John do not get it. Feel better soon.

momof2monsters said...

Hope that you are starting to feel better. It is no fun being sick. I know the flu has been hitting my school pretty hard. They even said this is not the worst of it. I am nervous to see what the worst is.

Cary said...

Did you make sure to have your own shoes on when you went to the ER? Oh, you probably don't get that since you weren't exactly coherent at the time. Ask Brooke.

Anyway, I hope you are able to return to normal soon. Seems like everyone's health has been going crazy.

Joe said...

Oh Jessica! I'm praying for you and John & Colt. It's a good thing mom and Bill are nearby. Hang in there!