Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Celine

Bad, bad blogger I am...it's a good thing I didn't sign up for NaBloPoMo this year. I'm in terrible shape!!

Before I give you pictures and a recap of my trip to BEAUTIFUL Savannah (including a complete recount of every food I ate at The Lady and Sons Restaurant), and before I show you pictures of the AMAZING nursery I came home to yesterday...I just have to say how much this week sucks.

On the list of "things to do before I die" includes seeing Celine Dion in concert. I mean, I know some of you think that's completely stupid but I LOVE her and have for so long and have always wanted to see her in person.

Last year for Christmas my sister gave me tickets to her concert in Tulsa on November 13th. So you can imagine how exciting this week was supposed to be. I've been looking forward to it for almost a year, but really waiting on it for, like, 15 years.

The concert has been postponed due to Celine being sick. Which, I think, means it will never really happen. It's supposed to happen on February 2nd and I really, really hope it does. I was so ready to go see her and sing power ballads all night with my concert buddy sister. I even warned Julia I was probably going to cry like a baby the whole time because it's that kind of thing for me.

So...no Celine this week. Sad, sad, sad.

I'll post pictures soon!


Emily said...

I heard on the radio today she canceled it and I thought of you. But I have to say, this is one area we are very different. I find Celine so incredibly annoying....
Although I'm sure she puts on an amazing show.

not so zen momma said...

Oh no, I'm sorry. Bad Celine, bad!

Lindsey said...

Don't give up hope! It will be totally worth it, trust me. I am a huge Celine fan and I finally got to see her while she was still doing her show in Vegas. It was amazing!

Elizabeth said...

She probably is sick from beating her chest repeatedly at all of her previous concerts.

She is the "Bes singher IN ZE WHORLD."