Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Husband

I came home this week to the most amazing gift I've ever received. I left for Hilton Head for 6 days and the back bedroom was a white, empty, completely blank slate. I came home to this.

And then after a challenge/tag from Emily to write something very nice about my husband I thought what better time than after he blew me away with his handywork?

My husband is amazing. I guess the main thing I love about him is that he makes me laugh. All the time. It's constant laughter. Even if I'm really mad and we're yelling, he flares his nostrils and gets this grin and I erupt into giggles. Try yelling at someone who's nostrils are's awfully hard.

He has been so supportive of everything I do. From the extra hours I work to the traveling I've been doing for the last 2 years to the phone calls and e-mails I accept during the evenings and weekends...he's been a great support in watching me grow my work responsibilities. I think he's even proud of having such a kick-a$$ professional wife!

He has made friends with my friends, supported our search for a church home, and been the more outgoing of the two of us to build relationships that will last us a lifetime.

He took over the budget from me after one year into our marriage and has single-handedly saved us thousands of dollars in doctor fees from all the stomach and psycho doctors I would see because of the ulcers money gives me. He takes great care of our financial life, allowed us to enjoy the dream home we're in and drive nice cars that won't fall apart. And gives me my monthly luxury of DVR and digital cable!

And all of that doesn't even touch on the support he's offered me over the last THREE years of trying to grow this little family of ours. The first year of trying to have a baby that almost broke us, the second year of expensive specialists and treatments and needles and testing, and now this third year of adoption. The fact that we have survived this long, and truly grown stronger because of it, makes bringing our son home in a few weeks all that more meaningful. Not everyone would be strong enough to go through the things we went through to have baby....I'm so glad I found the right person to stick with it.

He's funny, he's handy (just look at those nursery pics!), he's sensitive, he's personable, he loves his family, he's a loyal friend, and he's currently sugar-free! Still going strong over 11 months of not eating sweets...that right there is a feat within itself and I'm very proud of him.

I love you, Babe! Thanks for being the perfect husband (most of the time...pick your socks up off the floor and then you'll be perfect!) and for building a dream room for me and for Colt. You're amazing!


aimee said...

WAY TO GO JOHN!!!! I can't wait to see you holding your son! You will truly be a WONDERFUL father. The nursery looks incredible, I am truly impressed... want to come do mine? :)

Charly said...

I LOVE your nursery. John did a great job. Is he for hire????