Monday, November 24, 2008


Sorry for the serious lack of blogging. I could give you lots of excuses but I already did that on my other blog so no duplication. What I can blog about is a super annoying blog thing.

First of all, before I start, I apologize to anyone who reads this for sometimes asking you to link over to my other blog to read what I wrote instead of just writing here. My intention is to make this blog my main blog once the baby is born, I plan on retiring Here's to Hope once our journey is complete. Sometimes I know I share readers back and forth, and I don't want to repeat things...blahblahblah.

Which leads me to my biggest annoyance about blogland. Bloggers who get too big for their britches, write a million different places and all but abandon the blogs that made them interesting and funny and unique and addictive in the first place. Example entry of such annoyance:

"Sorry it's been so long, I've been busy writing here and here. And check out my newest article here. Catch you later!"

You know, if I wanted to read you in other places I would. But I found you because of your original amazing blog and now it's just a cheap way to get people to click over to your paying gigs and it takes all authenticity out of your writing.

Second biggest annoyance, the advertising. No, not the links down the side. But when you know that bloggers are being paid or incentivized by companies to talk about their products. Now, I know this is ironic, hypocritical, etc coming from me...I'M IN ADVERTISING AND PR!! I know that blogging and Twitter and the likes are the "wave of the future" and I'm in the middle of figuring out how to work with bloggers to reach people. I'm not against the idea. But recently there have been some bloggers who have been so wrapped up in their "paying gigs" that's all they talk about. Numerous upon numerous entries about "check out my recipe here" or "I was contacted by said company and now I love them". Moderation is the real key. I wish people could understand that. You have to be authentic and real....talking about it in every entry and not discussing your normal everyday things that made your blog great in the first place is not authentic and it's not real.

Ok...rant done. I had to cut some blogs loose this week on Bloglines. It was just too irritating! I'm not against making money on blogging, or advertising in general. But I just hate it when blogs lose what made them great...they stop being authentic and real.

I promise to be a better blogger. I have a whole entry on sensitive ponytail man in line at a restaurant who was talking about picking up girls at the "Twilight" premiere...

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Jennifer said...

So . . . did you hear about my fabulous new job with Butterball Turkey;~) Ack, I understand the frustration!