Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dear Diary

I don't know about you, but when I was little I kept diaries. A lot of the books I read for young girls were about diaries, and writing your thoughts down. The earliest journal I remember writing in was when I was 7.

And, guess what? I kept them. In fact, I have several boxes in the attic I call "Memory Boxes" with pictures and yearbooks and postcards and lots of other things from when I was younger. Included in that mess are all of my old journals.

I kept journals up through high school. I have been reading them, and they all make me smile. I don't know that I'll ever share those high school journals with too many people...but for your pure enjoyment I figured you'd all get a kick out of my childhood journals. I swear....I really wrote this stuff. Misspellings and all.
These excerpts are from the "Ramona Quimby Diary", which I was given when I was 7 years old. It gave you ideas for what to write, and fill-in-the-blank entries.

"I have orangeshred colored hair and blue colored eyes and I weigh 48 pounds." (Eat a Snickers bar or something!)

"My favorite food is cheeseburgers." (couldn't see that one coming, could you?)

"This year I hope this wish comes true: my birthday is very excitinger then last year." (Wait until you're 26 and you hope for no more birthdays!)

"My little sister did not be very nice to me. I got mad at her. I tole my mom and she talked to my sister. I was happy that julia got in trubble. I forgived her. I played with her for awhile. then It was time for supper." (Supper fixes everything)

"I like to order my food myself. I feel so proud of myself. I wish I were a grownup. Then I could have children. It would be fun but I would miss being a kid. Because I could not play outside and I could no Go to school. I like school beacase I can lern more stuff. It is very fun. Math Is fun in borrowing. It is easer then carrying. I like It o.k. but I still hate math." (Still hate math)

"I love Robbie Stroble. He is very nice. I want to tell him but I am too emberest. I used to love garret hughs." (Getting around, even at age 7)

"For Valentines' day I got alot of letters. Garrettes was funny. It said a heart for my sweetheart. I could not believe it. Because he dose not like me too mutch. All the letters I got were nice. I wish I could send some thank-you notes out to evrybody. But I can't do all that work. It would be very hard to do. I could try but I do not want to." (Lifetime of laziness started here)

"The nickname I hate the most is Jessie" (I knew, even then)

"If I have children I'll name them Sarah and Tara." (cute)

"I like March 20th. It is my sisteres birthday. And I get early birthday presents. It is nice to get birthday presents when It is not your birthday. It wonderful when your birthday comes." (Happy birthday, Julia!)

"Sometimes I wish I was still little because: I would get mor attanchan."

"The secret I don't want anyone to know about: is my boyfriend Robbie Stroble." (score!! we hooked up not long after I mentioned my love for him!)

"The secret I don't want anyone to know about: L KDWH PB VLVWHU." (translation through Ramona's secret code is: I hate my sister)

"I wish these things would change in my family: Getting in fights, medison."
(guess the family was highly medicated??)

"I hate Courtney. Because she hates me. She never did like me. I am glad." (so THERE, Courtney!)

"In May, I most want to forget: screaming"

"These are foods I really hate: lasonua"

"These are my favorite foods: hot dogs, cheese burgers"

"I would like the try this food: I taste everything" (liar)

"I never even want to TRY this food: salad" (still don't)

"I'd love to have a meal where I could eat all the choclat cake and Ice cream I wanted." (when you grow up, you can!)

"I don't like to be teased about: I'm little and I have short hair."

"I'm happy school is over because: no more Mrs. Know it all's like mean girls." (Lindsay Lohan hates Mean Girls, too)

"The most embarrassing moment I ever had was: I have a hole bunch of embearrassing moments." (wait until high school!)

"I felt embarrassed recently when: Boys saw my panie's." (perverts)

"I am most worried about: somebody braking into our house." (still worry about that...what kind of TV was I watching back then?)

"Dear Diary. Today All I did was get in big, big, big, big, big, big trubble. It was an offial, Horrible, NO good, very bad day"

"Dear Diary, Worst day of my life. First I got a bad paper cut. Next I got in truble and almost got a check. Last I was playing chase and broke a window."

"Dear Diary, Today I past my alls test. Today was a great day. We won best row prize! Also I cheated on my alls." (funny how you didn't mention the cheating before passing the test)

"When I grow up I want to be a vetranairn an author Illistrater or a poet." (Nothing about being in PR)

"Today we don't have to go to school! It will be a pretty good day. I hope it will go pretty well. It probably will be a good day."

There's so much more...but I will save it. If you have kids, encourage them to write a diary or journal! It is so much fun to look back on...


Audrey said...

To to cute! I loved that! I wish I could have seen your orange shred hair!

Elizabeth said...

You almost got a check?! Oh the horror! I always had to skip the check and go straight to the office for not shutting my mouth. I know. Can you imagine me talking to much?

Elizabeth said...

too. sorry

not so zen momma said...

You were hooked on phonics. I didn't keep a diary but I did find in an old yearbook that I recorded my award day was my favorite day of school because "I won every award except for perfect attendance and most improved." What a snob! You can also check out my myspace page for a horrific picture of me before a school dance!

Melanie said...

I used to have that same diary! Ahh memories. What a great idea to have kept it for all those years. I enjoyed reading it.

Aubrey said...

That was very entertaining! Thank you for sharing that! It's so fun to look back and see what your life was like! And, yes, when you grow up you can have all of the chocolate cake and ice cream you want:)

Julia said...

My favorite is still "excitinger." My least favorite is "I was happy that julia got in trubble." Gee thanks.


And hey, writing the word as it sounds sure provides for some colorful reading! Haha! Oh, and I would've loved to see you as an illustrator. Did you even draw that much? I remember when you wanted to be an interior decorator and wouldn't let me play with the barbie dollhouse because you were "decorating" it. Good times!

Emily said...

Oh, the spellings of second graders. One time, one of my students wrote he wanted a "piss of chocolate" instead of piece. Ha.