Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Continued Technical Difficulties

I don't know what to do about my blog. Something must have changed with our computer system at work, and I can no longer login to blogger/blogspot. If anyone has suggestions or remedies, please let me know. It is a very serious issue for serious I called the IT guys with my company down in Dallas and posed the problem to them. They politely informed me, as it wasn't work related, they couldn't help....crazy, I know! It's my BLOG! I have READERS!

Anyway....I can still view all of your blogs, I can even still comment. I just cannot sign in to post. I've tried everything.

So, I will be updating in the evenings from home (if John will let me use his computer!). And if I cannot fix the problem, I may have to switch blogs to another format like Wordpress or something. I can't even sign in to e-mail Blogger and ask what to do!! I can sign in to comment, but I can't get to the help section.

Sigh....just FYI on my plight because I know all 7 of you that read are wondering where I'm at...

In other news, because inquiring minds want to know, fresh off our trip to San Fran we headed to another doctor's appointment today. We actually went to a different doctor. We just needed a second opinion. I wasn't upset with the last one, he was a nice guy, didn't do anything wrong. Just a chemistry thing, I guess. And John wasn't thrilled, and most of the things we've heard about him are similar to our experiences: a lot of 'hurry up and wait'.

I don't mean that I'm a ticking clock and will lose all reproductive abilities next month. But it's now coming up on 23 months and I am frustrated and ready to move forward. We've heard wonderful things about this specialist we're now seeing, and he did put us right at ease. So we decided to move forward with him and see where we end up. I haven't taken my records from the other doctor or officially "quit" him, but I'm taking a break from him to see how this one ends up.

So, we'll see. In the meantime, we have something to look forward to with experiencing a new doctor. We started thinking and praying about this decision about a month ago after we got word there was no polyp and we'd lost two months of trying. It seemed like once we started thinking about it, we had an influx of people sharing their stories and experiences and providing recommendations. Thank you to everyone who continues to jump in and provide support and share experiences with have no idea how much we thank God each day for you and pray for you as well.

I bought a new book and I am waaaay excited about it. It's the new Stephen Colbert, "I Am America (And So Can You!)". I'm only a few pages into it and I'm cracking up. I'll have a full book review soon...

I guess that's all I've got for now. John lost a pound at Weight Watchers this week. I gained a pound. Vacation, you know? And we went to Eischen's on Saturday with dessert stop at Tower Cafe so I'm sure that didn't help.


Emily said...

I'm so jealous of you and your new book! If I was from South Carolina, I would totally vote for Stephen (we're on first name basis) for pres.

Elizabeth said...

I'm assuming you'll be holding off on Stephen's book until you've read the one assigned to you in ummm, I don't know...July? Just wondering...

not so zen momma said...

I read an article that said the worst mistake people make in today's modern medical environment is not to change doctors when they feel it is necessary. So don't feel bad, it is just a part of the business!

We still praying for you.

momof2monsters said...

i a glad that you had a nice time in SanFran. Would like to go there someday. How are you and John doing?