Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day Two: Alcatraz and Wharf

We got up early on Monday to grab some breakfast and maneuver our way to the piers for our trip to Alcatraz Island. This was the main thing John wanted to do, and it was a lot of fun. I mean, it’s a prison….how exciting can it be?

But it was interesting the way you took the tour and the views of the city. The prisoners must have gone crazy, being able to see San Francisco from the island—normal life so close, yet so far away. It was cool and breezy, glad I brought a coat!

After Alcatraz we headed to Boudin Bakery for some famous sourdough bread sandwiches, then headed to Ghiradelli Square where we indulged Ghiradelli chocolate brownie sundaes with Ghiradelli chocolate chips, topped with Ghiradelli hot fudge sauce. It was DELICIOUS. We also made our first chocolate purchase at the gift shop.

Then we did something really, really stupid. Having missed our chance to see Lombard Street by car, we decided to walk there. Up Hyde Street. At a 70-degree incline. About a mile, uphill, 70-degree incline. Immediately following a very chocolatey ice cream sundae. Very, very stupid. Very.

But the views, of course, were spectacular and it gave us a good feel for the city. And Lombard Street was beautiful—covered in my favorite flower, hydrangeas. We caught the cable car back to the hotel then found a great little restaurant for dinner nearby.

Once again—we were out before 10:00—our legs thankful for the rest!

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Elizabeth said...

That house looks like the Tanner household on Full House. I can see that house and then all of them driving with the top down in their red convertible and then DJ riding on her horse in the park. Oh, those were the good days. TGIF!