Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I have been informed that I should put something on the blog. Want the regular version, or the short, short version? Good you are going to get the short, short version. The past two weeks have gone by real fast. Jessica is constantly busy with work going back and forth between Dallas, Tulsa and OKC markets. I have been working and trying to keep my grass from turning brown and various other house duties finding time, every now and then, to squeeze in a round of golf.

This weekend Jessica and I are out of town. It is going to be our belated anniversary present to each other. We just need to get away from Oklahoma for a day or two, so we are going to Kansas City. I told Jessica to leave the laptop at home and tell everyone at work not to call her this weekend. She deserves the time away. We leave Friday morning, and are going to a Royals game Friday night. Saturday we are SLEEPING IN!!!!!!!!!! We will get up and check out of the hotel, and then I am going to take her to eat some B-B-Q in the Plaza, then we are going to come home. We finally got Cox back in the house and we really missed it! Our Internet is screwing up so that is my project tonight.

I am not really a good blogger. Jessica told me to get on and say some stuff.

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