Sunday, August 28, 2005

Great Weekend!

John and I had a pretty great weekend....unfortunately, we were apart for most of it! But, on Saturday my old college roomie and the smartest girl at OU Med School came to visit me and catch up. Isn't it crazy--I haven't seen Laura since a mutual friend's wedding back in May! And she only lives in Norman. Tells me we are much too busy if we can't even play catch up with friends 30 minutes down the road.

Anyway, it was great to see her and get caught up. When she called the other day I said "What are you doing?" and she said "I'm at the hospital." And I immediately freaked out and was asking what happened, what was going on. She calmly (as she always does with me) stated "I'm on rounds for school." Oh yeah--she's a third-year medical student!

John got to golf, OF COURSE, on Saturday. What weekend does he NOT golf? And he shot really well (although I won't say what he shot, because he thinks it jinxes him). And I went to a scrapbooking party on Saturday.

Over Memorial Day weekend I had gone with my mom and grandparents to my grandpa's childhood home in Arkansas. His dad just died a couple of years ago, and they are getting ready to sell his home and land. So, I took lots of pictures and lots of notes of his stories from when he was young. My grandma just lived down the road as well, so I got a lot of pictures from her childhood as well. Anyway, I took those pictures and put them into a scrapbook this weekend--and I got it all done! I just have a few pages left to write on, but the pictures are all in! I'm hoping that he will like it, since he's selling the house and everything, maybe this will be a way he can go back and visit, even when he's not there. And one day I'll be able to show my kids where their great-grandpa grew up.

I got the office officially unpacked!! It is clean, although not looking much like an OU room yet. But we have big plans....the most important thing right now is getting in and out of the room. What an accomplishment.

I'm ready for work to slow down....we'll see if it ever happens! Have a great week!

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