Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sharing the Blog

Well, I'm in Dallas for a few days for a "training and brainstorming" session with various people from other agency offices in Texas. It's been fun--a lot of good ideas.

We talked about blogging today, and everyone was so surprised I had a blog! So I was excited to link up and show them...I also showed them quite a few of my friend's sites, so thank to all you loyal bloggers. For those of you that don't know, blogging is becoming the future of marketing. Apparently we're all dependent on word-of-mouth marketing more than commercials, and major corporations are trying to get in on this whole blogging phenomenon. Very interesting.

In the spirit of sharing things on the blog, I've decided to share a few of my favorite things. Top Ten, anyway. And most of these are local, Edmond institutions but similar things can be found everywhere, I'm sure. Feel free to try any of these!!

1) Moe's Southwestern Grill: People have mixed reviews--but it is one of my favorite places to eat. My answer to the lack of a Chipotle around here. Big burritos and great queso--can't go wrong. It is at 33rd and Broadway in Edmond, and I believe there is one in Norman on Campus Corner as well.

2) Studio 750: This hair salon is owned and operated by Stevie Fly-Magee, with whom I grew up with. Please don't use my current unfortunate hair situation as any indication of how great she is--it's been a few months and I'm seeing her on Saturday! Anyway, Stevie, Sally, Brooklyn, and crew do a GREAT job on hair for a fabulous price. Don't pay $75 for a haircut!!! They do a great job and it won't make you have to pay your cable bill late! They are at Danforth and Kelly in Edmond--if you go, tell them I sent you! I've sent a lot of people Stevie's way, and I have yet to hear any complaints.

3) Cloud 9: I've only been there once, but I am all about small business making it! Cloud 9 is a salon right next to Studio 750 and they do everything BUT hair (leaving it to the neighbors, I guess). I got a great pedicure the other day, and they are new and building up their clientele.

4) Randy's M&M's: Ok, this is not ONLY because we have the hook up and get $1 movie rentals all the time. Randy's is really a great place--locally owned and operated in Edmond. And instead of paying the ridiculous late fees that Blockbuster charges (because NONE of you ever turn in movies on time, let's be honest) go to Randy's and when you turn in your movies late, it's only like $1 a day, or 25-cents for old movies. Plus, they have specials every night, like Mondays is two new releases for $4.99, and there are some other specials too. Not to mention they sell CD's, too, and have a GREAT selection of local bands and artists. Who knows, maybe your neighbor has a CD out--it's probably at Randy's! Randy's is located at Santa Fe & 2nd Street, Danforth next to Ted's, and 33rd and Broadway. Go to Santa Fe store--ask for Julia. She's my sister!

5) Milano's: This is practically an institution in Edmond. I don't know how long they've been around but they have awesome prices and a great atmosphere. Our nephews love it because they can play all the video games and pool at the pool table. Plus, if you don't want their famous pizza, try the burgers--AWESOME! Located by UCO on University in Edmond.

6) Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market: I know, I know--Wal-Mart's taking over the world. But their neighborhood market is like an answer to prayers! It's the great Wal-Mart prices, without the Supercenter crowd! 2nd and Bryant or 15th and Western in Edmond.

7) Steve's Rib: Hands down the best barbecue in town. John and I even went to Kansas City a few weeks ago and ate at what is supposedly the best barbecue in the nation, and I still didn't like it as much as Steve's! It started out as just a little stand in the parking lot of Homeland when I was a little girl. They now have their own sit-down restaurant! Located on 2nd between Santa Fe and Kelly. Yummy--go there.

8) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser--random product endorsement. There is a lot of buzz among the desperate housewives out there right now, and I have been in love with this household cleaning tool since it took SCRATCHES OFF MY CAR. And you thought crayon off the wall was tough--Magic Eraser removes EVERYTHING!

9) Coca-Cola Zero: Ok, most people think this has a flat taste and don't like it. So, it' probably going the way of Coca-Cola C2 (which was gross) but I like it! It tastes like real coke, and doesn't have that Nutrasweet aftertaste. And something just bothers me about diet Coke with Splenda. Too sweet for Diet. If I wanted that sweet, I would drink real Coke. Or Coca-Cola zero, which I am now doing.

10) Reno 911: The funniest show on TV. Comedy Central, Tuesdays, 9:00. It is a spoof of "Cops", focusing on a the fictional sheriff's department in Reno. Not as vulgar as Southpark, but be prepared anyway. Hate to recommend vulgarity in any form or fashion, but this is some seriously funny stuff.

Ok--lots of random thoughts, but I love sharing good things!! Back to work--I'm stuck here in Dallas for a few days. Give John a call if you want--he has a really sore throat and can't talk!!, really honey--feel better soon!!


swatterson said...

Man...we're all so high tech!

Jen said...

hey, Jessica. Glad that all of your super cool friends could help you out on the blog front. We've missed you guys at church. Hope to see you soon.