Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pictures are back!

Thanks to Dad for the new camera and John for getting the internet fixed....we're back in the blogging pictures business!

As soon as work calms down (I've worked late every night for a while...) I'll take pictures of the house for all out out-of-town friends and family, so you can finally see what all the construction was building towards! It's really coming soon this time...

Like I said, work has been crazy for me. But I guess it's good--I'd rather be stressed and busy than bored. John is working with his dad on a set-building project, so I'll be alone at night for a while. He did, however, get our new computer desk put together and one of these days I might actually move it into the office and finally unpack the 9 boxes still in there! I have to get it fixed up by next Friday, when my book club comes to my house for our August meeting. I'm nerdy, I know....I'm in a book club. But it's a lot of fun for a girl like me, who doesn't get to socialize outside of work very much!

Anyway, things are good here...just going through the motions. Despite the disaster that was Kansas City trip, it was a great weekend. One of those adventures that makes you love your spouse even more!

More pictures to come soon!!!!

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