Monday, June 20, 2005

We're Homeowners!!

Well, everything went wonderfully this weekend. They told us to block off 2 hours for took us 30 minutes. We went right over to the house and smelled the newness, and began planning. Unfortunately, we hit a snag right off the bat--we have a plumbing problem already! But, Ideal Homes is taking care of that this week, at no cost to us. Hurray!

We began moving things that night. Oh, also, I got into a slight accident on Wednesday night, so I've been driving a major pimp mobile all weekend--a 2006 Dodge Magnum, which is the station wagon on steroids you've been seeing. It's ugly as sin, but I'm in love with it. Do you have any idea how much stuff can fit in it?! Plus, it's big and I feel powerful. It's been VERY helpful over the weekend moving lots of stuff.

I already have the kitchen moved and unloaded, except for a few boxes. I have both bathrooms ready to go with shower curtains and the works. I have the linen closet done, and I've moved almost all of my hanging clothes to the giant master closet. So, I've done about all I can do without furniture!

We painted the master bedroom yesterday--it is much harder than it looks! Those paint rollers really work your arms. The color is only slightly darker than the white walls....I would have liked to go darker, but I guess marriage is about compromise or something like that. :) So, we decided together on a khaki color. We're still debating the crimson OU office....not sure what we're going to do there.

I will post pictures tonight, after more moving. Between the moving and ALL the swimming we did this weekend with Easton and Mason, I'd better lose at Weight Watchers this week!!! I feel very in-shape.

Pictures to come...we love our new house!

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