Monday, June 06, 2005

How many pregnant women can you fit in a living room??

We had another fun weekend. The best news--John is now a certified Umpire for slow-pitch softball games! He starts THIS WEEK umping co-ed softball church leagues. Not JUST for fun--there's good money in it, too! Since his third knee surgery last August, he will never be allowed to play softball again. So this is a great way to feel part of the game, and not injure himself! Plus, he never got paid to play softball before--so it's a win-win for us all. :)

As you can see from the picture, I attended another baby shower. Looks like there will be one a weekend for a while! It was a lot of fun, and I even got a couple of offers from my girlfriends to help me unpack the house in a few weeks! Shannon will be about 9 months pregnant, but she said she'd be happy to unpack tupperware!! I'm also recruiting Nicki Robnett to help me plant flowers in our new flowerbed--I'll have to post pictures sometime of her front-yard garden. She has an amazing greenthumb, and she's off work and school for the summer--I know how to use people!!!

We have discovered a FABULOUS new restaurant! Moe's Southwest Grill! It just opened on Thursday, and we ate there twice this weekend. If any of you have been to Chipotle, then you will love Moe's! I've been wanting Chipotle FOREVER and this totally satisfied my craving. It's medium-priced Tex-Mex, including a "build your own burrito" option, plus AMAZING queso sauce. AND--many of the menu items are named after favorite quotes, chracters and plots of the "Friends" TV show! So, you can order a Fun Bobby, a Joey Bag of Donuts (my favorite), the Ugly Naked Guy, an I Said Posse, Puff the Magic Dragon, etc. Visit or the restaurant (33rd and Broadway by Charleston's) and enjoy! You can also ask for Tiffany--and tell her Jess and John sent you.

Packed up about 10 boxes this weekend....we're getting close!

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swatterson said...

So you liked Moe's huh? I need to try it. Chipotle is my fav. so I bet it will be a big hit!