Friday, May 06, 2005

Live, Local, Latebreaking...

I have had two fantastic days at work so I decided to relax the rest of today. Yesterday I held a press event in Tulsa, and a similar one today in OKC. For those of you in the media and public relations field, to have one station come out to an event is like having chocolate cake. To have more than one, it's like adding icing on top. And to have 2 come to your event, and the others do a mention of the event during a newscast is like having sparklers on the cake!

I had two stations in Tulsa come out (one even sent a REPORTER with the cameraman--amazing) and two stations come out to my event in OKC. I also had mentions on an additional station in Tulsa, and hopefully (day's not over) on two others in OKC. This excites me a lot. My boss was so excited she said "Kick @$$". It's weird when your boss says that!

My job reveolves a lot around begging and pleading with egotistical assignment managers to please send a camera to my events. Because if you can't get free publicity with local news, public relations doesn't exist. Begging media is the least favorite part of my job--I hate it. But when it pays off, it becomes the most fulfilling part of my job. Few things provide me with such satisfaction as a successful media event, in front of my client, that allows my boss to say "kick @$$". That, and when the client claps for me during monthly's an ego boost!

Make sure and visit my client this weekend to buy an apple pie and a pink paper ribbon. All proceeds benefit the Komen Foundation in OKC and Tulsa. How do 50-cent Apple Pies and Dollar paper ribbons help? Well, since this same fundraiser raised over $35,000 last year in one weekend, you can see it helps a lot. 171 stores can add up fast. And tune into the great local stations of KOCO and KWTV in OKC or KTUL and KOTV in Tulsa--they covered my wonderful story, and will hopefully help the fundraiser to drive traffic!

House has textured walls...will post pictures when I can get out there!

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