Friday, March 02, 2012


When I was little, my dad used to make up stories for me at bedtime. They were always the same character, Mary Ann. Thought I can't remember all the details, I'm sure she had a little sister. They were always about simple things - just every day things that most kids do. But I loved Mary Ann stories.

Colt has reached an age where storytelling is his favorite thing. It started several weeks ago when John would just tell him the Three Little Pigs or Goldilocks. (John is a pretty good storyteller!). Then, when I put him to bed he would ask for a story about castles and Princes and Knights. And, then, last night I tucked him in and he wanted to tell ME a story.

It was basically the plot of his favorite "Phineas and Ferb" episode, but still. I was enthralled and thrilled. He had a plot and character development. He used different voices for characters. He gave details. I'm just so excited and so proud of this milestone!

This is the same kid who has never been one to sit still through a whole book, whereas Owen will sit for as many books as you allow. I know Colt's imagination is full, but to hear him tell me a story and entertain me and think through these scenarios made me so excited about a future love for reading and getting lost in a story. He may not sit and read picture books with me very often, but he is listening intently and creating pictures in his mind.

He's been asking for storytime on the way to school in the morning, too. And just like I had Mary Ann, Colt and Owen now have Wally. Their favorite story so far is about how Wally doesn't want to go to school but he goes and has a lot of fun anyway...guess they're trying to convince themselves they're like Wally?!

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