Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Operation Organization: Week 1

Operation Organization is going well. I was confused about the dates (thought everything STARTED the week of March 4th, not that the first week should be complete by then). But that's ok, I've been working in some great areas.

I first started by cleaning and organizing my desk at work. This was quite a feat, I don't spend a lot of time there. I had piles and piles of paper, expired instant oatmeal, and countless pens that didn't work. I got that cleaned up last Friday and it inspired me to work the weekend.

So I hit the biggest area of concern in my house, which was the master bathroom. We had let things pile up and pile up, never throwing boxes away or organizing things. It needed an overhaul and a good cleaning. Saturday was the day. I ended up cleaning out both cabinets under the sink and the top drawer (the bottom two drawers are just towels).

It took me a couple of hours and 1 1/2 bags of trash later and I had thrown out all expired meds, trash, old toiletries, and more. I wiped down and cleaned the inside of the drawers and cabinets and then organized a la Pinterest. I even bought the same bins as the post suggests!

Now, our meds are organized according to ailment (stomach, aches and pains, coled/allergy/sinus, and supplies like braces, ace bandages, etc.) and the small drawer for bandages and ointments. I bought two others for the the boy's medicines that are housed in their bathroom.

This was HUGE for me! I loved it and am inspired to do more. Sunday I cleaned out my car (a whole other post), but John came down with strep and I was on single parent duty the rest of the day. Then, because he's been so sick and stuffed up he's been snoring and I've hardly slept the last two nights. Which means NO energy to clean and organize during those precious few hours after the boys go to bed.

No excuses! I'll do more! But I'm thrilled with my efforts thus far. March means organizing!!

This is under my sink - makeup bags hold hair accessories, boys hair clippers, my travel-size toiletries, then the basket has all my "extras" of toothpaste, face wash, etc.

Here is the best makeover - under John's sink, our medicine cabinet! Inspired by a Pinterest link, I divided all our medicines and supplies by ailment and put ointments and bandaids in the small drawers.

Well, of course I didn't take a before picture! But it's on the video I posted. It was so, so bad. So disorganized and piled up. Now, it's so clear and bright it almost blinds me at night! I washed down the outside of the cabinets and removed lots of dust. It looks beautiful now!


alison said...

This is amazing and looks GREAT! Way to go! I've done a similar thing with our meds, but it needs reorganized (again!). Can't wait to see more!

andrea said...

this looks great!! i keep trying different ways to organize our medicine/misc bathroom items - i think i need to check out that link!