Monday, August 09, 2010

Life is Happening

Life is happening. I can't stop it, it just happens and moves so quickly.

Rolling over both ways
Getting very good at sitting up
Laughing like there's not tomorrow
Eating baby food
Teething (stink)
Growing out of clothes before the chance to wear them - safely in 9-12 month clothing now!
Sleeping in his crib, not his bouncy seat...'tis blissful
Drifting off at night around the same time as Colt
Outgrown his swing and CAR SEAT but we still keep trying
The most joyful, easy-going baby I've ever been around

Talking up a storm
Learned "mine" and "no" in the same weekend
Can work an iPhone on his own
Has an iPhone (now an iPod) because we're SUCKERS
Picky about his cartoons
Back into singing all the time (love. it. Especially "Let's Go Fly a Kite")
Took his first plane ride last week
Loves reading Goodnight Moon
Saw the White House
Gives hugs without abandon

These boys light up my world. I've been so emotional lately for some reason, because I LOVE the ages they are right now. It is the most fun I've ever had, the most peaceful I've ever felt, and the love in my live threatens to overwhelm me.

I take time every day to reflect on these blessings. I wish I could capture every moment in a video or a photo. But instead, I just bask in the moment. Soak it in, knowing one day those memories will flood back into my mind and they will be all mine.

I have pictures from Colt's Big Trip with Mommy. I shall post soon, I promise. It was WONDERFUL to get him all to myself for a few days, he was more perfect than you'd probably believe.

More to come. I've been reminded by several people lately that I haven't been good at blogging. I will be. More on that to come.

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