Monday, August 16, 2010


I have vowed never to go two months without downloading pictures again! So much has happened. Colt is big on saying "cheese" now. He's missing one of his bottom front eye teeth, and I LOVE the little gap he has in his smile! There is a tiny glimmer of a tooth, it just hasn't made it's way in yet.

I have a few pics from DC on here. He was SUCH a great traveler and I loved every minute of traveling with him. No complaints here!

Below you'll see reading with friends, first time at a McD's PlayPlace, goofing around at home and building blocks with Dad.

This boy is SUCH a trip! We love his personality and the words that are flowing out of his mouth right now, his love of books and "Phinneas and Ferb", his hugs and kisses, his absolute adoration of his brother and sharing his toys and taking care of him...and even the every-so-often signs of sibling rivalry. He's just a joy every second!


Sammy said...

Do you mean a big tooth coming through already? Wow! He is gorgeous!

Melba said...

I think it's so neat that you got to travel with him, just the two of you. When he's older, he's going to treasure the idea that he was the big boy who got to go on a plane first, etc. :)