Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday memories

Just a few things to remember:

Saturday we took our first outing as a family of four. We went to breakfast at McDonald's. Which, if you know me and know what I do for work, is so very appropriate. Owen slept the whole time and Colt had a great time eating everything in sight and climbing on the table.

That afternoon, my mom, sister, Colt, and I went shopping. I was exhausted! But I got some new clothes for Owen (he's so tiny still, nothing in 0-3 months fits and I only had a few newborn size outfits) plus a Baby Book for him. We stopped for a snack and Colt discovered the wonder that is chocolate pie. He was an absolute doll all day, giggling and smiling and blowing kisses. Talking, singing and just clearly enjoying his day with just Mommy.

I know I've mentioned it on here before. But Colt has a sign that he makes when he wants us to sing to him. And he wants us to sing ALL. THE. TIME. He turns his hands like he's doing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and that means sing. Anything. Well, technically it means sing but he has particular favorites and if you're not singing that song he shakes his head "no" and signs until you start something else and get to the song he wants. He's move on from Itsy Bitsy, Wheels on the Bus, Read your Bible and Pray Every Day, and ABC. Right now he LOVES Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Boomer Sooner, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Jesus Loves Me, I love You, and my personal favorites This Little Light of Mine and The Wise Man. Both of which he knows the hand motions to and it breaks me down every time. His teachers talk about how he loves his songs and loves circle time when everyone sings together. So, so sweet.

Then that night, my mom and stepdad brought over a FEAST. John grilled delicious steaks on the grill, and my mom proceeded to fix tons of delicious sides. Mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, corn, spinach, and rolls. She used all my lovely serving dishes and we ate around the table as a family: my stepdad, mom, sister, John and me. Colt was in bed, Owen sleeping as well. It was so nice. I should have taken a picture of how lovely the table looked and how delicious the food was. We NEEDED that after the last two weeks...I just can't even describe how awesome it was. Then we had key lime pie to top it off. Mom then CLEANED everything up for me! No mess for me to worry about. After all that, she still sat down and cuddled Owen for the rest of the night and Bill played Wii with John (he'd snuggled Owen for a long time before dinner).

People keep telling me to just call if I need anything, and I never really know what I NEED. People have brought us dinner and that's been amazing and something we have desperately needed while adjusting to life with both Colt and Owen. Especially when I was physically so depleted. But really, all I can think of this time is that I need people to come visit. I need company. I need people to come and love on my kids. So last night was truly, in my eyes, perfect.

An all-around great Saturday!

See below for another new entry "The Birth Story".

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