Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stuck with us!

It's been an emotional week on many levels. I won't go into it all, because what happened earlier in the week doesn't matter and it's water under the bridge after the news we got today:

We have a court date!!!!

As of September 1st at 10:00 a.m., Colt will be stuck with us as parents FOREVER. I mean, he's been stuck with us in every emotional and physical way since the first phone call we got on October 2nd, 2008. But this will mean LEGALLY he will be ours. I can't wait to have that weight off our know that nothing will ever take him away from us (even though, the possibility of anything taking him away was so minute...still, it's a relief).

That means that we will be his parents in every way you can slice it. So when he's 13 and grounded for texting too many people...too bad! We're your parents and you're stuck with us!

When he turns 16 and he's too grounded to get his driver's license because he stayed out past curfew...too bad! We're your parents and you're stuck with us!

When he's 18 and tells us he wants to go to some college like Oklahoma State or the University of Texas and we refuse to pay for it because it's not OU? Too bad! We're your parents and you're stuck with us!

And all those moments before the teen years when he's having a blast at his birthday parties, when he skins his knee and needs band-aids and kisses, when he is too sick to get out of bed and needs his mom and dad to crawl in with him, when he hits a home run in Little League, when he learns to sing "Boomer Sooner", when he teaches his little brother or sister how to walk, when he tortures our cat Faith with love, when he stays up too late at sleepovers, when he gets his new bike from Santa, when he straps on his backpack for the first day of kindergarten, when he says memory verses in Bible School, and as he keeps giving wet, sloppy, open mouth kisses like he's doing now....well, he's stuck with us then too.

What a blessing God has allowed us to raise. Hopefully he'll be glad to be stuck with us forever...because our life just isn't complete without him!

**I have to take just a moment and thank our fabulous attorney, Rachel Stoddard Morris. She stepped in very quickly to take over our case and got this secured. She's fabulous, and one of the things I'll do as long as I can is talk about her, spread the good news, and get her name out there! She's a fabulous family attorney if you need anything and a very fast worker...she got our case Monday night!! Thanks Rachel!**


Emily said...

Praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!

And as your child, YES, Colt will get grounded for texting too much.

Elizabeth said...

But never fear. He won't get grounded for texting Anna Jane. Cause, well, she's my child.

ChandraJoy said...

Tears of happiness are flowing right now!! I'm so happy for you guys! God is sooo good!!

Infertility is Hard said...

CONGRATS! So happy for you guys!

Melba said...

AWESOME news!! I'm so happy for you, and I totally know the feeling of just wanting the weight off your shoulders...forever!



Sammy said...

I am so happy for you Jessica! I also CANNOT wait for our court dats in late October. It will be finally done and sealed. I am just so so happy for you xxx

Tracey said...


Cary said...

Texting is going to be so old school when he is 13.

Come on mom, get with it!

Anonymous said...

Whooo hoooo, I haven't been by in a while but see there is lots to celebrate! Congrats on your court date AND your pending sibling for Colt. Yes, you are that annoying stat - but thank you so much for acknowledging that fact! LOL. Because of this I am giving you the "One Lovely Blog" award! Visit my blog for the "rules".

TXMom2B said...

Congratulations!!! I remember what a relief it was to finally have that court date (it wasn't that long ago, but still:-) What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Yay! What a sweet post.

Patti said...

That's wonderful news ... you're finalizing in less than a year! I hope we get that lucky! :-)