Monday, August 03, 2009


Sometimes, after spending hours on the phone dealing with health insurance claims, paying medical bill after medical bill, talking to various attorneys, and preparing to see negative balances in our savings account it occurs to me...being 28 can really suck sometimes.

Today is a "glass-half-empty" kind of day so I won't go into all the things that really rock about being 28. Today I'm just going to dwell on how much it sucks to be 28; to be an adult. I think we all need those days every now and then.


Melba said...

Yes, there have been many times during my adult years when I wonder what the heck happened and where the people who are qualified to deal with life's issues are! of times I still feel young at heart, but then something crazy happens and the reality that I'M the responsible adult hits me yet again.

Hang in there...good luck getting through the doldrums of adulthood!!


Elizabeth said...

Imagine doing all of those horrible adult things and about to be turning *gasp* 30! in 3 months. Ugh. I need a drink. With Metamucil.