Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So, I guess we're not National Champs...

A good friend pointed out that the last time I posted I promised the next time I posted OU would be national champions. Did you think I wouldn't post for a whole other year until OU is actually National Champs next January?!

Why haven't I posted? I don't want to blame it on Colt. So instead I'll give you 10 other reasons I haven't posted:

1. I'm scratching my head trying to figure out the meaning of Saraphina Affleck's name. I think it sounds like an eau de toilet. Or a makeup store. I'm just hoping there is good reason behind it. Violet=cute. Saraphina=bad Sylvester Stallone offspring.

2. Remember last year when I turned crazy and started watching American Idol? Well, I've actually been looking forward to it. AND...watching the auditions which normally I hate as much as I hate the sound of people gulping. Or the sound of the windows locking in the car after John has farted.

3. Watching the entire season of CSI:Miami that I never got around to. That Horatio Caine is such a bada$$.

4. Getting a new dishwasher instead of the GAP jeans I really wanted.

5. Thinking about how I don't have very many pictures of me and Colt together (I'm always the photographer), thinking about how I haven't sent birth announcements, thinking about how I never sent Christmas cards so no one knows that we had a baby. No one. It's not like we have 2 blogs, 2 Facebook pages, 2 MySpace pages, 4 grandparents, various aunts, and a thousand friends who've been praying for us for a long time.

6. Trying to figure out how my house could be making me sick. I'm convinced something in my house is causing my daily headaches. Maybe it's my couches. I need new couches. Yes, it's the couches that are causing my headaches!

7. Refreshing Facebook status updates on my phone every 30 seconds.

8. Not fitting into anything but hooded sweatshirts. Thanks for all the good food everyone is bringing and the good restaurants we go to.

9. Wondering why every movie Sean Penn makes means Oscar buzz. "This Christmas, Sean Penn is deranged, retarded, gay, sensitive ponytail man in Sean Penn: The Movie. Ebert hails it as the best movie of all time." Ugh. Irritating.

10. Holding the child every second I can, soaking up the moment before it passes.

So, I've been busy. Love you, mean it, will post more when I go back to work!


Charly said...

No need for excuses....I would be holding my little one every second as well. I also wanted to let you know that even though we are Poke fans around here, I was rooting for OU the entire time. :)

Melanie said...

On the American Idol in the world did that bikini girl make it through?! I could not believe the gave her a pass to Hollywood! I guess those guys were just impressed with her, um...voice.

Elizabeth said...

I hear you about the picture thing. I have zero pics of Anna and I together in which I wasn't wearing a hopital gown and my face looked like a blimp. Dads just don't think to grab the camera like moms do.