Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hello???? Anybody out there?


What's going on in the world? How are all of you?

I'm a dazzling conversationalist right about now. I can talk about poop and swaddling and pediatrician visits and anything related to a 3-week-old.

I can also give you rousing recaps of all my DVR that I'm finally caught up on.

Beyond that, I might as well be comatose. I do a pretty good job of updating Facebook, only because I can do it one-handed from my phone.

The rest of my time is spent holding our little angel. He likes to be held, what can I say? It's invigorating that he wants his mom to hold him to stay calm, and frustrating that I can't put him down for 5 seconds all at the same time!

I've lightened up on myself a little in regards to what "accomplishment" means from day to day. I'm proud to say I've showered, fixed my hair, put makeup on every day since Colt has been home, even if we don't go anywhere. I always have the diaper bag ready, and I've ventured out by myself with him several times though I prefer to have someone with me to prevent screaming in the car!

I'm not sure when this blog will be back to it's "normal" excitement. This is a new normal, I suppose. But I promise I'll be much more interesting once I go back to work in February. I'll have time to read things on the internet, catch up on world events, ready each delicious daily entry of Go Fug Yourself.

In the meantime, I'll update when I'm not sleeping or holding Colt!!

And, uh, BOOMER SOONER tonight! Next time I update, OU will be national champions!!!

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