Thursday, January 08, 2009

No Sweets!

I can't believe I almost forgot to post about this!

12:01 on January 1st marked one year of a sweets-free year for John. He made a CRAZY resolution last year to go one whole year without eating sweets. No one, and I mean no one (including me), believed he could do it. But he did!

There were a few things he was allowed: sugar substitutes in drinks (as in diet soda or Splenda in coffee) and condiments (jellies, syrup, honey) and natural sugars in fruits. But he didn't even eat sugar-free candy.

That meant no desserts, no snacks, no birthday cakes, no candy canes or conversation hearts at holidays, no chocolate, no pie, no ice cream...nothing.

He is 50 pounds lighter for it, and SO proud of himself. Honestly, I couldn't be prouder myself. I tell everyone about it. He's one person I know that really stuck to his resolution in such a big way! This photo is of his first bite of ice cream with Jacqui's famous caramel sauce at 12:01.

He's gone a little crazy this last week with the sweets...but plans to continue limiting them to once a month for special occasions.

So proud of you, Honey! You did it!

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Emily said...

Congrats John! That really is so great. You've inspired me to see how long I can go without sweets. You know, like, 3 hours or something.