Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hotter than....well, you know....

Most of you know I travel quite a bit for work. This past week was no exception. I traveled extensively for 5 days, covering a wide range of cities. Yes, I experienced 5 cities in 5 days and the jet lag this weekend is tremendous.

Where did I go, you might ask? Well, Monday began with a trip to the bustling metropolis of Woodward, Oklahoma. I know--you're jealous. I can feel it. It takes several hours and many boring miles to get there but quite worth it. Woodward was followed by Weatherford, then Purcell, then Chickasha, then finally El Reno. Our client was the sponsor of Channel 5's "On the Road" tour. Basically, each town hosts the entire news team from Channel 5 to do their 5 and 6 pm broadcast, as well as host a giant town party. We gather on Main Street in each town to give away food and meet the residents. We were so fortunate that this past week just happened to be the hottest week in Oklahoma history. That's right--I got to visit 5 new places AND experience what can only be described as the surface of hell.

It was so hot, I can't even describe it.

Anyway, it was a good week. No, you wouldn't find me on any of the broadcasts. My job is to remain behind the scenes and put others in front of the camera and I had to try very hard to accomplish that goal last week. But I don't think I was in one single camera shot--yay!

I also had to travel to Tulsa for work on Saturday. Needless to say, by the time Sunday rolled around I was exhausted from heat and car rides and smiling until my cheeks hurt. We didn't even make it to church Sunday morning because all I wanted to do was sleep!

However, we had many birthday celebrations this weekend. Happy birthday to Mother-in-law of the year Nina Anderson, and our good friend Derek Adcox. We had a blast celebrating their birthdays over the weekend (separate occasions, of course!).

I cut my hair off yesterday. It was SO cute when Stevie fixed it at the salon, but it's not so cute today after my morning attempts. Hopefully it will be cuter in the next few days. I was trying to grow it out, but I think we can all agree that look wasn't working for me! You know when your husband asks you to cut your hair it must be pretty bad...

Not much else going on here. I'm happy to entertain you all with stories from last week, but just ask me so I don't bore everyone else on the blog. Have a great week!

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