Saturday, October 01, 2005

Have a little Faith

And a LITTLE Faith she is! Welcome to the newest member of our family, baby Faith. She is an 8-week-old black and white kitten with sky blue eyes and she is very sweet. Hasn't quite found her "meow" yet, but you can tell she's trying!

We have been thinking about getting a kitten for a while. I know I've said Max does not like other animals, but I've been thinking for a while that he gets awfully lonely because we're gone a lot. Maybe he needs a friend...

Suprisingly, we've made it through our first night unscathed. Max seems to be a little caught off guard, but he hasn't tried to eat her. Which is a true accomplishment....his head is bigger than Faith's whole body!!

The hardest part will be keeping their food separate and making sure they don't eat each other's. Faith and I have been resting all morning, trying to get Max to come sleep with us on our big ol' bed. I didn't sleep well last night, because Faith was sleeping between me and John and I was afraid one of us would roll over on her and crush her!

Also--Faith has claws, so I bought a cardboard scratching post to try and keep her from scratching the couch. However, Max seems to think I brought it home for him. He scratches on it for hours, and he doesn't even have claws! Then he sits on top of it when Faith comes near, and pushes her away when she tries to scratch! Hopefully they will end up falling in love--Faith already wants to cuddle with him, we just need Max to open up to her.

So, finally some excitement with the Andersons! What does everyone think about the name Faith? That was the name the shelter had given her, and I kind of like it. It fits her....but I'm still not sure about it. Let me know what you think!

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