Saturday, October 08, 2005

Good Things Are Happening!!

Well, we have great news--John got a promotion of sorts! It's not in his department--he's actually moving departments, which is a move up. He beat out 79 other people in his interview to get his new position as a Field Claims Representative. Not only is it great news for his future (finally we have some proof that all that hard work for a degree paid off!) but it's great news for us because John gets a company car! And a laptop and Farmer's will Wi-Fi our house for free.

He will be able to set his schedule, work from home part of the time and travel quite a bit. Which is great for him because he's been miserable stuck at a desk for two years. In case you haven't noticed, he is a little active and has a hard time sitting still for 8 minutes a day, let alone 8 hours.

Anyway this is a huge blessing that we weren't expecting. In fact, this offer came after he'd been offered even ANOTHER position he was supposed to start on Monday! Can you believe it? He's done so well at Farmer's every department wants a piece of him....heehee. I am so proud of him and can't wait for him to start this new challenge.

We are loving having Faith in the house. She is so cute, albeit taking more risks and making us chase her around! She's so fun to pick up and hold--almost like a stuffed animal. She and Max are doing better together than we thought they would, but they are starting to rough house. If you can imagine, Max weighs 23 pounds and Faith weighs .8 pounds. I know it seems like an unfair advantage, but Faith has claws and Max doesn't. One of these days she's going to get him and he'll leave her alone.

We made a trip to the vet yesterday because Max had been sick for a few days. $80, 2 prescriptions, and 2 hours off work later and the vet said Max is just stressed from the new kitten in the house. GGRRR!!! I guess I understand--Max has been the only for so long and now we bring in this new little thing, but still. Stress as a cat who lays around all day and gets fat? We should all be so lucky. I complain but I love Max a lot!

Everything else is going well. Notice I'm focusing on the good things in life and not the very sad end to Oklahoma's domination over Texas. Boomer Sooner--we still love the crimson and cream!

Also--I was reading my friend Sara's blog where she commented on the show "Lost". So, I wanted to comment too--this is absolutely the most exciting show this season! And those of you who know me know I am a TV connoisseur. This is the show I look forward to the most each week! CSI has kind of begun to run it's course, Desperate Housewives is a little cheesy so far this year, and there are no sitcoms worth watching anymore. So if you haven't tuned into "Lost", grab the first season on DVD, get caught up and start watching! It's addicting...

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Joe said...

Congratulations, John! You've worked hard and it's good to see a payoff. I hope your new job is rewarding!