Thursday, March 17, 2005

Imagine That

Well, imagine that--they didn't get started on the house! I can feel you're shocked and in awe...I'm not! They didn't get it together on Monday, and Monday night it began to pour for 2 days. So, once again we're in limbo and not sure when anything will happen!

That's pretty much been our life...waiting. Work is very crazy for me right now. I know it sounds very funny, but sometimes I lay in bed at night wondering how on earth I'll get everything done at work. God must have little elves come into my office at night and do some of it, because somehow it always gets done! I keep saying "After this date, it will get better" and the date keeps moving farther and farther away! Now I think after June things will slow down. We'll see.

My grandparents and aunt are coming in town this weekend! I'm so excited. John and I are such family-people, and we love being with our extended family (yes it's true--we both get along with our inlaws quite well!). My family is coming to celebrate my sister's 19th birthday on Sunday, as well as my birthday about a month early. So, it will be a fun weekend of shopping and yummy baked goods, I can feel it! John and I are SO blessed to come from such great people!

Well, back to work! Only 58 days until John graduates!

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Joe said...

Take heart, these kind of delays are normal and many things can change the deadlines. A builder has to coordinate a multitude of people and materials for your house (as well as other's houses). It will happen. These waits will be a distant memory and unimportant .

Thanks for the update! Keep 'em coming!