Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Colt!!

Dear Colt,
Today you are 3 years old. THREE! Three feels so much older than 2. You've been talking about this day "MY berfday" since Daddy's September birthday, so it's big! Physically you've grown taller and thinner since last year. But the biggest change has come in your vocabulary and the hundreds of words pouring from your mouth.

You discovered a musician named Laurie Berkner this year. And, in true Colt fashion, you fell hard and fast for her. It was Laurie-this and Laurie-that. We thanked God in our prayers for Laurie. You begged to hear her in the car, on the TV, and while rocking to sleep at night. I thought she would be the perfect encouragement for potty-training. But you were so excited to watch her video that you couldn't concentrate on thinking about going potty. So we had to send her back to school (we borrowed the video) and you were potty trained by the end of the day.

You're potty trained now! I was so nervous, dreading it really. Diapers are easy. So we waited and waited...which paid off because you were more than ready. But with potty-training came the word "poop" and you pretty much say it all the time. You replace song lyrics with the word poop. You call your brother poopy. You say it just to say it. And you dissolve into fits of giggles each and every time.

Your love for music is apparent and growing every day. You remember every song you hear, coming up with names only you understand and I struggle to remember which of them are which for our car rides.You play all of Mimi's guitars when you visit her house. You love drums. And you're working YouTube like only a toddler in 2011 could. Your fingers are long and skinny, musician fingers; your tune is pitch-perfect.

You go back-and-forth between being a Mommy's boy and a Daddy's boy. You're always a Grandma's boy. One of my favorite things about you has been how open you are to family. You absolutely LOVE going to visit Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa and Aunt Linda, you ask to go every couple of weeks. You are truly interested in your family members and seeing them and giving hugs.

And your brother - well, you're a wonderful big brother. You've outgrown being enamored, and spend most of your time yelling at him to stop touching your things. But, you know, you reach out and hold his hand almost every time we're in the car.

You are kind, you are empathetic, you are JOYFUL. A love of the movie "Monsters Inc" means that you ask every night if the monsters are going to get you. I respond "no, Honey, I will protect your". And any time I'm sad or stressed or crying you rub my hand and say "Mommy, it's ok. I will protect you".

Some of my greatest joys in life are the nights when I sit by your bed and we sing together; when we have family dance parties; when you say your prayers; when you wake up remembering it's Sunday donut day; when you ask why; when you call me Mommy-Babe. I love being your Mommy.

I love you, Babe!