Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Favorite Things: Cleaning and Lists

So, this morning I had a very early, very short flight to Dallas. The kind of flight that doesn't warrant dragging out my Nook because it's an electronic and I don't have more than 20 minutes to read it, and I have many minutes on ascent and descent to stare at the seat in front of me.

Instead, I did something equally as wonderful as reading. I made lists. I LOVE making lists. And to make it even better, I made lists of things I'm going to CLEAN next week. I was smiling from ear-to-ear.

At the risk of jinxing it, I am announcing that next week I am taking the three days before Thanksgiving to take off and CLEAN. I know, I know...selfish lady that isn't taking her kids out of school for non-stop weekend-type fun. But my house NEEDS it. I haven't really deep cleaned in so long and it's suffering from a heavy and hectic travel season this year. And, well, let's be honest...I'm officially surrounded by sticky, sweaty, smelly boys that have no real desire to pick up, scrub down, or organize anything in our house.

So my list was making the following lists:
Weekend Prep (subheads include cleaning supplies store trip)
Monday To-Clean (including subheads Colt's room, bathroom)
Tuesday To-Clean (including subheads Owen's room)
Wednesday To-Clean
John to clean while I'm gone
To Pack for the boys
To pack for me

Isn't it exciting? Then, the very best part (other than a super clean and organized house) is the part where I get to cross the items off the list. Drawing a line through the word or marking an X to the side is one of my favorite things.

Anyway...you'll know where I'll be next week. A few days just me, my house, my ipod tunes, and the smell of non-organic bleach filling my soul.

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alison said...

This made me laugh, out loud. :) Gooooood luck! Where are you going for Thanksgiving?