Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Owen's Ears

Tomorrow Owen is having ear tubes put in. It's a minor "surgery" but does require anesthesia, so we are a little nervous.

I had suspected for some time that he is not hearing well. He does not talk. Like up until two weeks ago, he had said exactly zero true words. He says "aaahhh" most of the time, points, signs...we can communicate but he's not saying any words. We have been to the doctor multiple times over the 16 months of his life, not once has there been a visit where he didn't have thick fluid in his ears.

In fact, he was saying very few consonants at all. We had a hearing test for him last week and sure enough - he cannot hear well. In fact, on the right side you basically have to yell for him to hear you. He certainly isn't picking up on the formation of speech...he hears enough to know something is going on, can read you lips well but cannot figure out how to replicate that in his own voice.

So, tubes should help. We're prayerful it will, anyway! I'm excited for him to discover a whole new world, and hope he's chattering away like his big brother in the next few weeks.

And despite the fact that he bit me so hard I have a giant purple bruise on my shoulder last night, I could still squish him and love him and hug him until he can't take it. So I'll worry until the procedure is over and he's squawking in my ear. I'll even let him bite me without yelling back if it will make him feel better...

If you have a spare thought and prayer tomorrow, please send it our way!

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Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

I'll be think of you and your sweet boy tomorrow!