Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow Day in fuzzy cell phone pictures

So, like 2/3 of the country we had snow days this week. Multiple snow days. They were great. Awesome. So much better than I expected! Boys were great. We exhausted everything we could possible do in our house: baked, cooked, colored, movies, building blocks, curtain games, made snow ice cream, playing chase, calling our was a great few days! Faith stayed curled up on a warm fleece blanket almost the entire 3 days!

Here are some of our adventures from the cell phone perspective. Luckily Aunt Julia was here to help us out over the few days!

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momof2monsters said...

i love seeing the pictures. looks like Colt is a lefty? i love Owens face tasting the ice cream. my little guy does not like ice cream, chocolate milk, or anything related to pasta. he is weird!